Slonky LLC

We help Slonky with monthly updates to their WordPress websites (plugins, themes, and WordPress installation), assist with SSL implementation, and deploy websites when requested.

Slonky, LLC provides top tier Web Design, Web Development, and Web Consulting & Support to Businesses, Government, Organizations, and Start-ups.

Web Design
Proper Web Design is more than just a pretty layout. Slonky’s website designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also smart. Slonky, LLC will design with your goals in mind.

Web Development
Your unique business or idea requires equally unique solutions. Slonky, LLC provides custom and open-source development tailored specifically for you.

Web Consulting & Support
From SEO and Web Marketing to website audits, maintenance, support, and concept consulting, Slonky, LLC’s team of know-it-all web gurus can help you.

On a monthly basis Slonky has identified certain websites that need to be kept up to date to maintain security.  We update those websites for all plugins, themes, and if needed, update the WordPress version.  Along with that service, we also assist in installing and setting up SSL certificates, and force HTTPS for websites.  Lastly we assist in any general type maintenance and questions relating to hosting.  All hosting is done by them so we provide additional expertise to supplement their hosting knowledge.

  • SSL
  • PHP
  • Apache
  • WordPress
  • Data Recovery
  • WP Engine
  • htaccess coding